About DB Sales Co.


DB Sales Company

Db Sales Company has long been associated with the supply of quality parts and equipment to the industrial marketplace. Over the years we have built up a solid foundation with a number of companies. We are able to supply quality diesel and gas engines and parts, engine rebuild kits, engine governing equipment and generator control equipment. We are also able to supply quality OEM parts for all makes and models of off highway equipment and industrial machinery.

Db Sales Company has extensive facilities and dedicated sales staff. Due to our hard work and expertise we act as distributors for a number of companies. We can supply ac electric motors, industrial generators, industrial exhaust and intake products to suit your needs. For more information on the products we can supply please don't hesitate to contact us.

Find Diesels

Owned and operated by DB Sales Company, Find Diesels is a diesel engine equipment brand intended to connect the customer to a huge range of products in the diesel industry. Our job is finding the correct engines, generator sets and components, rebuild kits, and individual parts for any diesel customer at the lowest price and highest efficiency possible; Perkins, John Deere, Caterpillar, we can find it all!

Diesel engines & Cores

Db Sales Company is your source for quality used diesel engines, transmissions, rears and equipment for construction and mining, locomotives, and other off road applications. We have access to thousands of in stock engine cores. Good used, new and rebuilt diesel and gas engines from manufacturers such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Isuzu, Volvo, International, Perkins and Detroit Diesel are available in stock.

Remanufactured Perkins Engines

Db Sales Company is able to supply you with quality remanufactured Perkins engines for the on highway truck and industrial markets. We can offer in stock remanufactured Perkins engines with the most liberal freight policy designed to take the hassle out of your requirements. These engines also include a 1-year warranty and are remanufactured to factory specifications using genuine Perkins parts.

Custom Built Diesel Generator Sets

We manufacture custom designed diesel generator sets for many applications. Being a dealer for Perkins, Yanmar, John Deere, Deutz, Kubota and Isuzu diesel engines, and Mecc Alte, Marelli, Leroy Sommers North American supplied and supported generator ends, as well as Governors of America, DeepSea, and DynaGen controls, we can custom design a generator set for your needs or sell you the individual parts from these companies.

Engine Rebuild Kits

DB Sales Company is your source for engine rebuild kits. We supply engine overhaul rebuild kits for Perkins, Isuzu, Thermoking and others. Engine rebuild kits can be put together for all makes and models. Let us know the parts you require and we can custom build overhaul kits to suit your needs. These kits are priced to make you, the dealer or rebuilder profitable and give your customers the satisfaction of rebuilding with confidence.

Engine Governing Equipment and Generator control equipment

Db Sales Company is the authorized representative for Governors America Corporation (GAC) for the State of Illinois. GAC and Db Sales offers a complete line of products for precision engine speed control, integrated engine system control and transfer switchgear markets. The products available range from integral, external, and throttle body electric actuators, analog and digital governors, dual fuel controls and a complete family of accessories to meet any application requirements where reciprocating spark ignited and diesel engines are used.

DB Sales Company is also the authorized representative for Governors America Corporation (GAC) for the state of Illinois. GAC and DbSales offers microprocessor based family of genset controllers with integrated paralleling, load sharing, VAR/PF Control, metering, and protection. Genset controllers are fully programmable from your PC (free software) or via keypad. All parameters sets are password protected. All units provide comprehensive metering & protection of the engine and electrical system. Please contact us today and we will supply you with the generator control equipment most suited to your needs.

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